3DTopia: Large Text-to-3D Generation Model with Hybrid Diffusion Priors

Fangzhou Hong, Jiaxiang Tang, Ziang Cao, Min Shi, Tong Wu, Zhaoxi Chen, Tengfei Wang, Liang Pan, Dahua Lin, Ziwei Liu
Computer Science, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (cs.CV)
2024-03-04 00:00:00
We present a two-stage text-to-3D generation system, namely 3DTopia, which generates high-quality general 3D assets within 5 minutes using hybrid diffusion priors. The first stage samples from a 3D diffusion prior directly learned from 3D data. Specifically, it is powered by a text-conditioned tri-plane latent diffusion model, which quickly generates coarse 3D samples for fast prototyping. The second stage utilizes 2D diffusion priors to further refine the texture of coarse 3D models from the first stage. The refinement consists of both latent and pixel space optimization for high-quality texture generation. To facilitate the training of the proposed system, we clean and caption the largest open-source 3D dataset, Objaverse, by combining the power of vision language models and large language models. Experiment results are reported qualitatively and quantitatively to show the performance of the proposed system. Our codes and models are available at
PDF: 3DTopia: Large Text-to-3D Generation Model with Hybrid Diffusion Priors.pdf
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