A$^{3}$lign-DFER: Pioneering Comprehensive Dynamic Affective Alignment for Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition with CLIP

Zeng Tao, Yan Wang, Junxiong Lin, Haoran Wang, Xinji Mai, Jiawen Yu, Xuan Tong, Ziheng Zhou, Shaoqi Yan, Qing Zhao, Liyuan Han, Wenqiang Zhang
Computer Science, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (cs.CV)
2024-03-07 00:00:00
The performance of CLIP in dynamic facial expression recognition (DFER) task doesn't yield exceptional results as observed in other CLIP-based classification tasks. While CLIP's primary objective is to achieve alignment between images and text in the feature space, DFER poses challenges due to the abstract nature of text and the dynamic nature of video, making label representation limited and perfect alignment difficult. To address this issue, we have designed A$^{3}$lign-DFER, which introduces a new DFER labeling paradigm to comprehensively achieve alignment, thus enhancing CLIP's suitability for the DFER task. Specifically, our A$^{3}$lign-DFER method is designed with multiple modules that work together to obtain the most suitable expanded-dimensional embeddings for classification and to achieve alignment in three key aspects: affective, dynamic, and bidirectional. We replace the input label text with a learnable Multi-Dimensional Alignment Token (MAT), enabling alignment of text to facial expression video samples in both affective and dynamic dimensions. After CLIP feature extraction, we introduce the Joint Dynamic Alignment Synchronizer (JAS), further facilitating synchronization and alignment in the temporal dimension. Additionally, we implement a Bidirectional Alignment Training Paradigm (BAP) to ensure gradual and steady training of parameters for both modalities. Our insightful and concise A$^{3}$lign-DFER method achieves state-of-the-art results on multiple DFER datasets, including DFEW, FERV39k, and MAFW. Extensive ablation experiments and visualization studies demonstrate the effectiveness of A$^{3}$lign-DFER. The code will be available in the future.
PDF: A$^{3}$lign-DFER: Pioneering Comprehensive Dynamic Affective Alignment for Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition with CLIP.pdf
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