arXiv4TGC: Large-Scale Datasets for Temporal Graph Clustering

Meng Liu, Ke Liang, Yue Liu, Siwei Wang, Sihang Zhou, Xinwang Liu
Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (cs.AI), Machine Learning (cs.LG)
2023-06-07 16:00:00
Temporal graph clustering (TGC) is a crucial task in temporal graph learning. Its focus is on node clustering on temporal graphs, and it offers greater flexibility for large-scale graph structures due to the mechanism of temporal graph methods. However, the development of TGC is currently constrained by a significant problem: the lack of suitable and reliable large-scale temporal graph datasets to evaluate clustering performance. In other words, most existing temporal graph datasets are in small sizes, and even large-scale datasets contain only a limited number of available node labels. It makes evaluating models for large-scale temporal graph clustering challenging. To address this challenge, we build arXiv4TGC, a set of novel academic datasets (including arXivAI, arXivCS, arXivMath, arXivPhy, and arXivLarge) for large-scale temporal graph clustering. In particular, the largest dataset, arXivLarge, contains 1.3 million labeled available nodes and 10 million temporal edges. We further compare the clustering performance with typical temporal graph learning models on both previous classic temporal graph datasets and the new datasets proposed in this paper. The clustering performance on arXiv4TGC can be more apparent for evaluating different models, resulting in higher clustering confidence and more suitable for large-scale temporal graph clustering. The arXiv4TGC datasets are publicly available at:
PDF: arXiv4TGC: Large-Scale Datasets for Temporal Graph Clustering.pdf
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