Effectiveness Assessment of Recent Large Vision-Language Models

Yao Jiang, Xinyu Yan, Ge-Peng Ji, Keren Fu, Meijun Sun, Huan Xiong, Deng-Ping Fan, Fahad Shahbaz Khan
Computer Science, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (cs.CV), Artificial Intelligence (cs.AI), Machine Learning (cs.LG)
2024-03-07 00:00:00
The advent of large vision-language models (LVLMs) represents a noteworthy advancement towards the pursuit of artificial general intelligence. However, the extent of their efficacy across both specialized and general tasks warrants further investigation. This article endeavors to evaluate the competency of popular LVLMs in specialized and general tasks, respectively, aiming to offer a comprehensive comprehension of these innovative methodologies. To gauge their efficacy in specialized tasks, we tailor a comprehensive testbed comprising three distinct scenarios: natural, healthcare, and industrial, encompassing six challenging tasks. These tasks include salient, camouflaged, and transparent object detection, as well as polyp and skin lesion detection, alongside industrial anomaly detection. We examine the performance of three recent open-source LVLMs -- MiniGPT-v2, LLaVA-1.5, and Shikra -- in the realm of visual recognition and localization. Moreover, we conduct empirical investigations utilizing the aforementioned models alongside GPT-4V, assessing their multi-modal understanding capacities in general tasks such as object counting, absurd question answering, affordance reasoning, attribute recognition, and spatial relation reasoning. Our investigations reveal that these models demonstrate limited proficiency not only in specialized tasks but also in general tasks. We delve deeper into this inadequacy and suggest several potential factors, including limited cognition in specialized tasks, object hallucination, text-to-image interference, and decreased robustness in complex problems. We hope this study would provide valuable insights for the future development of LVLMs, augmenting their power in coping with both general and specialized applications.
PDF: Effectiveness Assessment of Recent Large Vision-Language Models.pdf
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