On Distributed Multi-User Secret Sharing with Multiple Secrets per User

Rasagna Chigullapally, Harshithanjani Athi, Nikhil Karamchandani, V. Lalitha
Computer Science, Information Theory, Information Theory (cs.IT)
2023-12-25 00:00:00
We consider a distributed multi-user secret sharing (DMUSS) setting in which there is a dealer, $n$ storage nodes, and $m$ secrets. Each user demands a $t$-subset of $m$ secrets. Earlier work in this setting dealt with the case of $t=1$; in this work, we consider general $t$. The user downloads shares from the storage nodes based on the designed access structure and reconstructs its secrets. We identify a necessary condition on the access structures to ensure weak secrecy. We also make a connection between access structures for this problem and $t$-disjunct matrices. We apply various $t$-disjunct matrix constructions in this setting and compare their performance in terms of the number of storage nodes and communication complexity. We also derive bounds on the optimal communication complexity of a distributed secret sharing protocol. Finally, we characterize the capacity region of the DMUSS problem when the access structure is specified.
PDF: On Distributed Multi-User Secret Sharing with Multiple Secrets per User.pdf
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