On the Long-Term behavior of $k$-tuples Frequencies in Mutation Systems

Ohad Elishco
Computer Science, Information Theory, Information Theory (cs.IT), Probability (math.PR)
2024-01-08 00:00:00
In response to the evolving landscape of data storage, researchers have increasingly explored non-traditional platforms, with DNA-based storage emerging as a cutting-edge solution. Our work is motivated by the potential of in-vivo DNA storage, known for its capacity to store vast amounts of information efficiently and confidentially within an organism's native DNA. While promising, in-vivo DNA storage faces challenges, including susceptibility to errors introduced by mutations. To understand the long-term behavior of such mutation systems, we investigate the frequency of $k$-tuples after multiple mutation applications. Drawing inspiration from related works, we generalize results from the study of mutation systems, particularly focusing on the frequency of $k$-tuples. In this work, we provide a broad analysis through the construction of a specialized matrix and the identification of its eigenvectors. In the context of substitution and duplication systems, we leverage previous results on almost sure convergence, equating the expected frequency to the limiting frequency. Moreover, we demonstrate convergence in probability under certain assumptions.
PDF: On the Long-Term behavior of $k$-tuples Frequencies in Mutation Systems.pdf
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