OOTDiffusion: Outfitting Fusion based Latent Diffusion for Controllable Virtual Try-on

Yuhao Xu, Tao Gu, Weifeng Chen, Chengcai Chen
Computer Science, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (cs.CV)
2024-03-04 00:00:00
Image-based virtual try-on (VTON), which aims to generate an outfitted image of a target human wearing an in-shop garment, is a challenging image-synthesis task calling for not only high fidelity of the outfitted human but also full preservation of garment details. To tackle this issue, we propose Outfitting over Try-on Diffusion (OOTDiffusion), leveraging the power of pretrained latent diffusion models and designing a novel network architecture for realistic and controllable virtual try-on. Without an explicit warping process, we propose an outfitting UNet to learn the garment detail features, and merge them with the target human body via our proposed outfitting fusion in the denoising process of diffusion models. In order to further enhance the controllability of our outfitting UNet, we introduce outfitting dropout to the training process, which enables us to adjust the strength of garment features through classifier-free guidance. Our comprehensive experiments on the VITON-HD and Dress Code datasets demonstrate that OOTDiffusion efficiently generates high-quality outfitted images for arbitrary human and garment images, which outperforms other VTON methods in both fidelity and controllability, indicating an impressive breakthrough in virtual try-on. Our source code is available at
PDF: OOTDiffusion: Outfitting Fusion based Latent Diffusion for Controllable Virtual Try-on.pdf
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