PPS-QMIX: Periodically Parameter Sharing for Accelerating Convergence of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Ke Zhang, DanDan Zhu, Qiuhan Xu, Hao Zhou, Ce Zheng
Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (cs.AI)
2024-03-05 00:00:00
Training for multi-agent reinforcement learning(MARL) is a time-consuming process caused by distribution shift of each agent. One drawback is that strategy of each agent in MARL is independent but actually in cooperation. Thus, a vertical issue in multi-agent reinforcement learning is how to efficiently accelerate training process. To address this problem, current research has leveraged a centralized function(CF) across multiple agents to learn contribution of the team reward for each agent. However, CF based methods introduce joint error from other agents in estimation of value network. In so doing, inspired by federated learning, we propose three simple novel approaches called Average Periodically Parameter Sharing(A-PPS), Reward-Scalability Periodically Parameter Sharing(RS-PPS) and Partial Personalized Periodically Parameter Sharing(PP-PPS) mechanism to accelerate training of MARL. Agents share Q-value network periodically during the training process. Agents which has same identity adapt collected reward as scalability and update partial neural network during period to share different parameters. We apply our approaches in classical MARL method QMIX and evaluate our approaches on various tasks in StarCraft Multi-Agent Challenge(SMAC) environment. Performance of numerical experiments yield enormous enhancement, with an average improvement of 10\%-30\%, and enable to win tasks that QMIX cannot. Our code can be downloaded from
PDF: PPS-QMIX: Periodically Parameter Sharing for Accelerating Convergence of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning.pdf
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