Responsible Emergent Multi-Agent Behavior

Niko A. Grupen
Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (cs.AI)
2023-11-01 16:00:00
Responsible AI has risen to the forefront of the AI research community. As neural network-based learning algorithms continue to permeate real-world applications, the field of Responsible AI has played a large role in ensuring that such systems maintain a high-level of human-compatibility. Despite this progress, the state of the art in Responsible AI has ignored one crucial point: human problems are multi-agent problems. Predominant approaches largely consider the performance of a single AI system in isolation, but human problems are, by their very nature, multi-agent. From driving in traffic to negotiating economic policy, human problem-solving involves interaction and the interplay of the actions and motives of multiple individuals. This dissertation develops the study of responsible emergent multi-agent behavior, illustrating how researchers and practitioners can better understand and shape multi-agent learning with respect to three pillars of Responsible AI: interpretability, fairness, and robustness. First, I investigate multi-agent interpretability, presenting novel techniques for understanding emergent multi-agent behavior at multiple levels of granularity. With respect to low-level interpretability, I examine the extent to which implicit communication emerges as an aid to coordination in multi-agent populations. I introduce a novel curriculum-driven method for learning high-performing policies in difficult, sparse reward environments and show through a measure of position-based social influence that multi-agent teams that learn sophisticated coordination strategies exchange significantly more information through implicit signals than lesser-coordinated agents. Then, at a high-level, I study concept-based interpretability in the context of multi-agent learning. I propose a novel method for learning intrinsically interpretable, concept-based policies and show that it enables...
PDF: Responsible Emergent Multi-Agent Behavior.pdf
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