Sample-Efficient Preference-based Reinforcement Learning with Dynamics Aware Rewards

Katherine Metcalf, Miguel Sarabia, Natalie Mackraz, Barry-John Theobald
Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (cs.AI), Machine Learning (cs.LG)
2024-02-28 00:00:00
Preference-based reinforcement learning (PbRL) aligns a robot behavior with human preferences via a reward function learned from binary feedback over agent behaviors. We show that dynamics-aware reward functions improve the sample efficiency of PbRL by an order of magnitude. In our experiments we iterate between: (1) learning a dynamics-aware state-action representation (z^{sa}) via a self-supervised temporal consistency task, and (2) bootstrapping the preference-based reward function from (z^{sa}), which results in faster policy learning and better final policy performance. For example, on quadruped-walk, walker-walk, and cheetah-run, with 50 preference labels we achieve the same performance as existing approaches with 500 preference labels, and we recover 83\% and 66\% of ground truth reward policy performance versus only 38\% and 21\%. The performance gains demonstrate the benefits of explicitly learning a dynamics-aware reward model. Repo: \texttt{}.
PDF: Sample-Efficient Preference-based Reinforcement Learning with Dynamics Aware Rewards.pdf
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