SHAN: Object-Level Privacy Detection via Inference on Scene Heterogeneous Graph

Zhuohang Jiang, Bingkui Tong, Xia Du, Ahmed Alhammadi, Jizhe Zhou
Computer Science, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (cs.CV)
2024-03-14 00:00:00
With the rise of social platforms, protecting privacy has become an important issue. Privacy object detection aims to accurately locate private objects in images. It is the foundation of safeguarding individuals' privacy rights and ensuring responsible data handling practices in the digital age. Since privacy of object is not shift-invariant, the essence of the privacy object detection task is inferring object privacy based on scene information. However, privacy object detection has long been studied as a subproblem of common object detection tasks. Therefore, existing methods suffer from serious deficiencies in accuracy, generalization, and interpretability. Moreover, creating large-scale privacy datasets is difficult due to legal constraints and existing privacy datasets lack label granularity. The granularity of existing privacy detection methods remains limited to the image level. To address the above two issues, we introduce two benchmark datasets for object-level privacy detection and propose SHAN, Scene Heterogeneous graph Attention Network, a model constructs a scene heterogeneous graph from an image and utilizes self-attention mechanisms for scene inference to obtain object privacy. Through experiments, we demonstrated that SHAN performs excellently in privacy object detection tasks, with all metrics surpassing those of the baseline model.
PDF: SHAN: Object-Level Privacy Detection via Inference on Scene Heterogeneous Graph.pdf
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