Synthesis of Hierarchical Controllers Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning Policies

Florent Delgrange, Guy Avni, Anna Lukina, Christian Schilling, Ann Nowé, Guillermo A. Pérez
Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (cs.AI)
2024-02-21 00:00:00
We propose a novel approach to the problem of controller design for environments modeled as Markov decision processes (MDPs). Specifically, we consider a hierarchical MDP a graph with each vertex populated by an MDP called a "room". We first apply deep reinforcement learning (DRL) to obtain low-level policies for each room, scaling to large rooms of unknown structure. We then apply reactive synthesis to obtain a high-level planner that chooses which low-level policy to execute in each room. The central challenge in synthesizing the planner is the need for modeling rooms. We address this challenge by developing a DRL procedure to train concise "latent" policies together with PAC guarantees on their performance. Unlike previous approaches, ours circumvents a model distillation step. Our approach combats sparse rewards in DRL and enables reusability of low-level policies. We demonstrate feasibility in a case study involving agent navigation amid moving obstacles.
PDF: Synthesis of Hierarchical Controllers Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning Policies.pdf
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