Towards Applying Powerful Large AI Models in Classroom Teaching: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects

Kehui Tan, Tianqi Pang, Chenyou Fan, Song Yu
Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (cs.AI), Computers and Society (cs.CY)
2023-05-04 16:00:00
This perspective paper proposes a series of interactive scenarios that utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance classroom teaching, such as dialogue auto-completion, knowledge and style transfer, and assessment of AI-generated content. By leveraging recent developments in Large Language Models (LLMs), we explore the potential of AI to augment and enrich teacher-student dialogues and improve the quality of teaching. Our goal is to produce innovative and meaningful conversations between teachers and students, create standards for evaluation, and improve the efficacy of AI-for-Education initiatives. In Section 3, we discuss the challenges of utilizing existing LLMs to effectively complete the educated tasks and present a unified framework for addressing diverse education dataset, processing lengthy conversations, and condensing information to better accomplish more downstream tasks. In Section 4, we summarize the pivoting tasks including Teacher-Student Dialogue Auto-Completion, Expert Teaching Knowledge and Style Transfer, and Assessment of AI-Generated Content (AIGC), providing a clear path for future research. In Section 5, we also explore the use of external and adjustable LLMs to improve the generated content through human-in-the-loop supervision and reinforcement learning. Ultimately, this paper seeks to highlight the potential for AI to aid the field of education and promote its further exploration.
PDF: Towards Applying Powerful Large AI Models in Classroom Teaching: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects.pdf
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