Helical magnetic state in the vicinity of the pressure-induced superconducting phase in MnP

S. E. Dissanayake, M. Matsuda, K. Yoshimi, S. Kasamatsu, F. Ye, S. Chi, W. Steinhardt, G. Fabbris, S. Haravifard, J. -G. Cheng, J. -Q. Yan, J. Gouchi, Y. Uwatoko
Condensed Matter, Materials Science, Materials Science (cond-mat.mtrl-sci)
Physical Review Research 5, 043026 (2023)
2023-08-24 16:00:00
MnP is a metal that shows successive magnetic transitions from paramagnetic to ferromagnetic and helical magnetic phases at ambient pressure with decreasing temperature. With applied pressure, the magnetic transition temperatures decrease and superconductivity appears around 8 GPa where the magnetic order is fully suppressed and the quantum critical behavior is observed. These results suggest that MnP is an unconventional superconductor in which magnetic fluctuations may be relevant to the superconducting pairing mechanism. In order to elucidate the magnetic ground state adjacent to the superconducting phase first discovered in Mn-based materials, high-pressure neutron diffraction measurements have been performed in hydrostatic pressure up to 7.5 GPa. The helical magnetic structure with the propagation vector along the $b$ axis, reported previously at 3.8 GPa, was found to be robust up to 7.5 GPa. First principles and classical Monte Carlo calculations have also been performed to understand how the pressure-driven magnetic phase transitions are coupled with change of the exchange interactions. The calculations, which qualitatively reproduce the magnetic structures as a function of pressure, suggest that the exchange interactions change drastically with applied pressure and the further-neighbor interactions become more influential at high pressures. Combining the experimental and theoretical results, we describe the detail of exchange interactions in the vicinity of the superconducting phase which is critical to understand the pairing mechanism of the unconventional superconductivity in MnP.
PDF: Helical magnetic state in the vicinity of the pressure-induced superconducting phase in MnP.pdf
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