Selective HuBERT: Self-Supervised Pre-Training for Target Speaker in Clean and Mixture Speech

Jingru Lin, Meng Ge, Wupeng Wang, Haizhou Li, Mengling Feng
Electrical Engineering and Systems Science, Audio and Speech Processing, Audio and Speech Processing (eess.AS)
2023-11-07 16:00:00
Self-supervised pre-trained speech models were shown effective for various downstream speech processing tasks. Since they are mainly pre-trained to map input speech to pseudo-labels, the resulting representations are only effective for the type of pre-train data used, either clean or mixture speech. With the idea of selective auditory attention, we propose a novel pre-training solution called Selective-HuBERT, or SHuBERT, which learns the selective extraction of target speech representations from either clean or mixture speech. Specifically, SHuBERT is trained to predict pseudo labels of a target speaker, conditioned on an enrolled speech from the target speaker. By doing so, SHuBERT is expected to selectively attend to the target speaker in a complex acoustic environment, thus benefiting various downstream tasks. We further introduce a dual-path training strategy and use the cross-correlation constraint between the two branches to encourage the model to generate noise-invariant representation. Experiments on SUPERB benchmark and LibriMix dataset demonstrate the universality and noise-robustness of SHuBERT. Furthermore, we find that our high-quality representation can be easily integrated with conventional supervised learning methods to achieve significant performance, even under extremely low-resource labeled data.
PDF: Selective HuBERT: Self-Supervised Pre-Training for Target Speaker in Clean and Mixture Speech.pdf
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