Summary of the DISPLACE Challenge 2023 -- DIarization of SPeaker and LAnguage in Conversational Environments

Shikha Baghel, Shreyas Ramoji, Somil Jain, Pratik Roy Chowdhuri, Prachi Singh, Deepu Vijayasenan, Sriram Ganapathy
Electrical Engineering and Systems Science, Audio and Speech Processing, Audio and Speech Processing (eess.AS), Machine Learning (cs.LG), Signal Processing (eess.SP)
2023-11-21 00:00:00
In multi-lingual societies, where multiple languages are spoken in a small geographic vicinity, informal conversations often involve mix of languages. Existing speech technologies may be inefficient in extracting information from such conversations, where the speech data is rich in diversity with multiple languages and speakers. The DISPLACE (DIarization of SPeaker and LAnguage in Conversational Environments) challenge constitutes an open-call for evaluating and bench-marking the speaker and language diarization technologies on this challenging condition. The challenge entailed two tracks: Track-1 focused on speaker diarization (SD) in multilingual situations while, Track-2 addressed the language diarization (LD) in a multi-speaker scenario. Both the tracks were evaluated using the same underlying audio data. To facilitate this evaluation, a real-world dataset featuring multilingual, multi-speaker conversational far-field speech was recorded and distributed. Furthermore, a baseline system was made available for both SD and LD task which mimicked the state-of-art in these tasks. The challenge garnered a total of $42$ world-wide registrations and received a total of $19$ combined submissions for Track-1 and Track-2. This paper describes the challenge, details of the datasets, tasks, and the baseline system. Additionally, the paper provides a concise overview of the submitted systems in both tracks, with an emphasis given to the top performing systems. The paper also presents insights and future perspectives for SD and LD tasks, focusing on the key challenges that the systems need to overcome before wide-spread commercial deployment on such conversations.
PDF: Summary of the DISPLACE Challenge 2023 -- DIarization of SPeaker and LAnguage in Conversational Environments.pdf
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