Voice Conversion With Just Nearest Neighbors

Matthew Baas, Benjamin van Niekerk, Herman Kamper
Electrical Engineering and Systems Science, Audio and Speech Processing, Audio and Speech Processing (eess.AS), Computation and Language (cs.CL), Sound (cs.SD)
2023-05-29 16:00:00
Any-to-any voice conversion aims to transform source speech into a target voice with just a few examples of the target speaker as a reference. Recent methods produce convincing conversions, but at the cost of increased complexity -- making results difficult to reproduce and build on. Instead, we keep it simple. We propose k-nearest neighbors voice conversion (kNN-VC): a straightforward yet effective method for any-to-any conversion. First, we extract self-supervised representations of the source and reference speech. To convert to the target speaker, we replace each frame of the source representation with its nearest neighbor in the reference. Finally, a pretrained vocoder synthesizes audio from the converted representation. Objective and subjective evaluations show that kNN-VC improves speaker similarity with similar intelligibility scores to existing methods. Code, samples, trained models:
PDF: Voice Conversion With Just Nearest Neighbors.pdf
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