Solutions with pure radiation and gyratons in 3D massive gravity theories

Ercan Kilicarslan, Ivan Kolář
General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology, General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology (gr-qc), High Energy Physics - Theory (hep-th), Mathematical Physics (math-ph)
2023-09-10 16:00:00
We find exact solutions of topologically massive gravity (TMG) and new massive gravity (NMG) in ${2+1}$ dimensions (3D) with an arbitrary cosmological constant, pure radiation, and gyratons, i.e., with possibly non-zero $T_{uu}$ and $T_{ux}$ in canonical coordinates. Since any `reasonable' geometry in 3D (i.e., admitting a null geodesic congruence) is either expanding Robinson-Trautman ($\Theta\neq 0$) or Kundt (${\Theta=0}$), we focus on these two classes. Assuming expansions ${\Theta=1/r}$ (`GR-like' Robinson-Trautman) or ${\Theta=0}$ (general Kundt), we systematically integrate the field equations of TMG and NMG and identify new classes of exact solutions. The case of NMG contains an additional assumption of $g_{ux}$ being quadratic in $r$, which is automatically enforced in TMG as well as in 3D GR. In each case, we reduce the field equations as much as possible and identify new classes of solutions. We also discuss various special subclasses and study some explicit solutions.
PDF: Solutions with pure radiation and gyratons in 3D massive gravity theories.pdf
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