CKM and $C\!P$ violation in beauty and charm decays in LHCb

Federico Betti
High Energy Physics - Experiment, High Energy Physics - Experiment (hep-ex)
2023-05-14 16:00:00
Measurements of $C\!P$ violation and Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix in beauty and charm hadron decays are the core business of the LHCb physics programme. In this contribution, the most recent measurements performed by the LHCb collaboration on this topic are reported. The most precise measurement of time-dependent $C\!P$ asymmetry parameters in $B_s^0 \to \phi \phi$ decays has been done, providing results fully compatible with Standard Model expectations. The polarisation-dependent $C\!P$-violation parameters of the same decay are measured for the first time. The combination of beauty and charm results gives $\gamma = \left( 63.8^{+3.5}_{-3.7} \right)^\circ$. The first search for local $C\!P$ violation in $D_{(s)}^+ \to K^- K^+ K^+$ has been performed, resulting in no local $C\!P$ violation observed. The measurement of time-integrated $C\!P$ violation in $D^0 \to K^- K^+$ decays, combined with previous measurements performed by LHCb, provides evidence of direct $C\!P$ violation in charm in a single decay channel at the level of $3.8$ standard deviations.
PDF: CKM and $C\!P$ violation in beauty and charm decays in LHCb.pdf
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