Experimental Limits on Solar Reflected Dark Matter with a New Approach on Accelerated Dark Matter-Electron Analysis in Semiconductors

Z. Y. Zhang, L. T. Yang, Q. Yue, K. J. Kang, Y. J. Li, H. P. An, Greeshma C., J. P. Chang, Y. H. Chen, J. P. Cheng, W. H. Dai, Z. Deng, C. H. Fang, X. P. Geng, H. Gong, Q. J. Guo, T. Guo, X. Y. Guo, L. He, S. M. He, J. W. Hu, H. X. Huang, T. C. Huang, L. Jiang, S. Karmakar, H. B. Li, H. Y. Li, J. M. Li, J. Li, Q. Y. Li, R. M. J. Li, X. Q. Li, Y. L. Li, Y. F. Liang, B. Liao, F. K. Lin, S. T. Lin, J. X. Liu, S. K. Liu, Y. D. Liu, Y. Liu, Y. Y. Liu, H. Ma, Y. C. Mao, Q. Y. Nie, J. H. Ning, H. Pan, N. C. Qi, J. Ren, X. C. Ruan, M. K. Singh, T. X. Sun, C. J. Tang, Y. Tian, G. F. Wang, J. Z. Wang, L. Wang, Q. Wang, Y. F. Wang, Y. X. Wang, H. T. Wong, S. Y. Wu, Y. C. Wu, H. Y. Xing, R. Xu, Y. Xu, T. Xue, Y. L. Yan, N. Yi, C. X. Yu, H. J. Yu, J. F. Yue, M. Zeng, Z. Zeng, B. T. Zhang, F. S. Zhang, L. Zhang, Z. H. Zhang, J. Z. Zhao, K. K. Zhao, M. G. Zhao, J. F. Zhou, Z. Y. Zhou, J. J. Zhu
High Energy Physics - Experiment, High Energy Physics - Experiment (hep-ex), High Energy Physics - Phenomenology (hep-ph), Instrumentation and Detectors (physics.ins-det)
2023-09-25 16:00:00
Recently a Dark Matter-electron (DM-e) paradigm has drawn much attention. Models beyond the Standard Halo Model describing DM accelerated by high energy celestial bodies are under intense examination as well. In this letter, a Velocity Component Analysis method dedicated to swift analysis of Accelerated DM-electron interactions via semiconductor detectors is proposed and the first HPGe detector-based Accelerated DM-electron analysis is realized. Utilizing the method, the first germanium based constraint on sub-GeV Solar Reflected DM-electron interaction is presented with the 205.4 kg$\cdot$day dataset from the CDEX-10 experiment. In the heavy mediator scenario, the result excels in the mass range of 5$-$15 keV/$c^2$, achieving a three orders of magnitude improvement comparing with previous semiconductor experiments. In the light mediator scenario, the strongest constraint for DM lighter than 0.1 MeV/$c^2$ is presented. The result proves the feasibility and demonstrates the vast potential of the Velocity Component Analysis technique in future Accelerated DM-electron analysis with semiconductor detectors.
PDF: Experimental Limits on Solar Reflected Dark Matter with a New Approach on Accelerated Dark Matter-Electron Analysis in Semiconductors.pdf
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