Potentiality of automatic parameter tuning suite available in ACTS track reconstruction software framework

Rocky Bala Garg, Corentin Allaire, Andreas Salzburger, Hadrien Grasland, Lauren Tompkins, Elyssa Hofgard
High Energy Physics - Experiment, High Energy Physics - Experiment (hep-ex)
2023-09-20 16:00:00
Particle tracking is among the most sophisticated and complex part of the full event reconstruction chain. A number of reconstruction algorithms work in a sequence to build these trajectories from detector hits. These algorithms use many configuration parameters that need to be fine-tuned to properly account for the detector/experimental setup, the available CPU budget and the desired physics performance. The most popular method to tune these parameters is hand-tuning using brute-force techniques. These techniques can be inefficient and raise issues for the long-term maintainability of such algorithms. The open-source track reconstruction software framework known as "A Common Tracking Framework (ACTS)" offers an alternative solution to these parameter tuning techniques through the use of automatic parameter optimization algorithms. ACTS comes equipped with an auto-tuning suite that provides necessary setup for performing optimization of input parameters belonging to track reconstruction algorithms. The user can choose the tunable parameters in a flexible way and define a cost/benefit function for optimizing the full reconstruction chain. The fast execution speed of ACTS allows the user to run several iterations of optimization within a reasonable time bracket. The performance of these optimizers has been demonstrated on different track reconstruction algorithms such as trajectory seed reconstruction and selection, particle vertex reconstruction and generation of simplified material map, and on different detector geometries such as Generic Detector and Open Data Detector (ODD). We aim to bring this approach to all aspects of trajectory reconstruction by having a more flexible integration of tunable parameters within ACTS.
PDF: Potentiality of automatic parameter tuning suite available in ACTS track reconstruction software framework.pdf
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