Radiative transition decay width of $\psi_2(3823)\rightarrow\gamma\chi_{c1}$ from lattice QCD

Ning Li, Yan Gao, Feiyu Chen, Ying Chen, Xiangyu Jiang, Chunjiang Shi, Wei Sun
High Energy Physics - Lattice, High Energy Physics - Lattice (hep-lat), High Energy Physics - Phenomenology (hep-ph)
2023-09-17 16:00:00
We present an exploratory $N_f=2$ lattice QCD study of $\psi_2(3823)\to \gamma \chi_{c1}$ at a pion mass $m_{\pi}\approx 350$~MeV. The related two-point and three-piont functions are calculated using the distillation method. The electromagnetic multipole form factor $\hat{V}(0)=2.083(11)$ for $J/\psi\to\gamma \eta_c$ is consistent with previous lattice results, the form factors $\hat{E}_1(0)$, $\hat{M}_2(0)$ and $\hat{E}_3(0)$ for $\Gamma(\chi_{c2}\to\gamma J/\psi)$ have the same hierarchy as that derived from experiments and the predicted decay width $\Gamma(\chi_{c2}\to\gamma J/\psi)=368(5)~\text{keV}$ is in excellent agreement with the PDG value $374(10)~\text{keV}$ and previous lattice QCD results in the quenched approximation. The same strategy is applied to the study of the process $\psi_2(3823)\to \gamma \chi_{c1}$ and the partial decay width is predicted to be $337(27)~\text{keV}$. According to the BESIII constraints on the $\psi_2(3823)$ decay channels and some phenomenological results, we estimate the total width $\Gamma(\psi_2(3823))=520(100)~\text{keV}$.
PDF: Radiative transition decay width of $\psi_2(3823)\rightarrow\gamma\chi_{c1}$ from lattice QCD.pdf
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