Simulating $\mathbb{Z}_2$ Lattice Gauge Theory with the Variational Quantum Thermalizer

Michael Fromm, Owe Philipsen, Michael Spannowsky, Christopher Winterowd
High Energy Physics - Lattice, High Energy Physics - Lattice (hep-lat), Quantum Physics (quant-ph)
2023-06-08 16:00:00
The properties of strongly-coupled lattice gauge theories at finite density as well as in real time have largely eluded first-principles studies on the lattice. This is due to the failure of importance sampling for systems with a complex action. An alternative to evade the sign problem is quantum simulation. Although still in its infancy, a lot of progress has been made in devising algorithms to address these problems. In particular, recent efforts have addressed the question of how to produce thermal Gibbs states on a quantum computer. In this study, we apply a variational quantum algorithm to a low-dimensional model which has a local abelian gauge symmetry. We demonstrate how this approach can be applied to obtain information regarding the phase diagram as well as unequal-time correlation functions at non-zero temperature.
PDF: Simulating $\mathbb{Z}_2$ Lattice Gauge Theory with the Variational Quantum Thermalizer.pdf
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