Geometric Endomorphisms of the Hesse moduli space of elliptic curves

Fabrizio Catanese, Edoardo Sernesi
Mathematics, Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Geometry (math.AG), Complex Variables (math.CV), Dynamical Systems (math.DS)
2023-08-30 16:00:00
We consider the geometric map $ \mathfrak C$, called Cayleyan, associating to a plane cubic $E$ the adjoint of its dual curve. We show that $ \mathfrak C$ and the classical Hessian map $ \mathfrak H$ generate a free semigroup. We begin the investigation of the geometry and dynamics of these maps, and of the geometrically special elliptic curves: these are the elliptic curves isomorphic to cubics in the Hesse pencil which are fixed by some endomorphism belonging to the semigroup $\mathcal W(\frak H, \frak C)$ generated by $ \frak H, \frak C$. We point out then how the dynamic behaviours of $ \mathfrak H$ and $ \mathfrak C$ differ drastically. Firstly, concerning the number of real periodic points: for $ \mathfrak H$ these are infinitely many, for $ \mathfrak C$ they are just $4$. Secondly, the Julia set of $ \mathfrak H$ is the whole projective line, unlike what happens for all elements of $\mathcal W (\frak H, \frak C)$ which are not iterates of $ \mathfrak H$.
PDF: Geometric Endomorphisms of the Hesse moduli space of elliptic curves.pdf
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