Oscillatory integral operators on manifolds and related Kakeya and Nikodym problems

Song Dai, Liuwei Gong, Shaoming Guo, Ruixiang Zhang
Mathematics, Differential Geometry, Differential Geometry (math.DG), Classical Analysis and ODEs (math.CA)
2023-10-30 16:00:00
We consider Carleson-Sj\"{o}lin operators on Riemannian manifolds that arise naturally from the study of Bochner-Riesz problems on manifolds. They are special cases of H\"{o}rmander-type oscillatory integral operators. We obtain improved $L^p$ bounds of Carleson-Sj\"{o}lin operators in two cases: The case where the underlying manifold has constant sectional curvature and the case where the manifold satisfies Sogge's chaotic curvature condition. The two results rely on very different methods: To prove the former result, we show that on a Riemannian manifold, the distance function satisfies Bourgain's condition if and only if the manifold has constant sectional curvature. To obtain the second result, we introduce the notion of "contact orders" to H\"{o}rmander-type oscillatory integral operators, prove that if a H\"{o}rmander-type oscillatory integral operator is of a finite contact order, then it always has better $L^p$ bounds than "worst cases" (in spirit of Bourgain and Guth, and Guth, Hickman and Iliopoulou), and eventually verify that for Riemannian manifolds that satisfy Sogge's chaotic curvature condition, their distance functions alway have finite contact orders. As byproducts, we obtain new bounds for Nikodym maximal functions on manifolds of constant sectional curvatures.
PDF: Oscillatory integral operators on manifolds and related Kakeya and Nikodym problems.pdf
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