A Memory-Based Approach to Model Glorious Uncertainties of Love

Aarsh Chotalia, Shiva Dixit, P. Parmananda
Nonlinear Sciences, Adaptation and Self-Organizing Systems, Adaptation and Self-Organizing Systems (nlin.AO), Chaotic Dynamics (nlin.CD)
2023-07-26 16:00:00
We propose a minimal yet intriguing model for a relationship between two individuals. The feeling of an individual is modeled by a complex variable and hence has two degrees of freedom. The effect of memory of other individual's behavior in the past has now been incorporated via a conjugate coupling between each other's feelings. A region of parameter space exhibits multi-stable solutions wherein trajectories with different initial conditions end up in different aperiodic attractors. This aligns with the natural observation that most relationships are aperiodic and unique not only to themselves but, more importantly, to the initial conditions too. Thus, the inclusion of memory makes the task of predicting the trajectory of a relationship hopelessly impossible.
PDF: A Memory-Based Approach to Model Glorious Uncertainties of Love.pdf
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