Asymptotic theory of not completely integrable soliton equations

A. M. Kamchatnov
Nonlinear Sciences, Pattern Formation and Solitons, Pattern Formation and Solitons (nlin.PS)
Chaos 33, 093105 (2023)
2023-05-20 16:00:00
We develop the theory of transformation of intensive initial nonlinear wave pulses to trains of solitons emerging at asymptotically large time of evolution. Our approach is based on the theory of dispersive shock waves in which the number of nonlinear oscillations in the shock becomes the number of solitons at the asymptotic state. We show that this number of oscillations, which is proportional to the classical action of particles associated with the small-amplitude edges of shocks, is preserved by the dispersionless flow. Then the Poincar\'e-Cartan integral invariant is also constant and therefore it reduces to the quantization rule similar to the Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization rule for linear spectral problem associated with completely integrable equations. This rule yields a set of `eigenvalues' which are related with the asymptotic solitons' velocities and other their characteristics. Our analytical results agree very well with the results of numerical solutions of the generalized nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation.
PDF: Asymptotic theory of not completely integrable soliton equations.pdf
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