Charged particle pseudorapidity distributions measured with the STAR EPD

Mátyás Molnár
Nuclear Experiment, Nuclear Experiment (nucl-ex)
Universe 2023, 9(7), 335
2023-07-25 16:00:00
In 2018, in preparation for the Beam Energy Scan II, the STAR detector was upgraded with the Event Plane Detector (EPD). The instrument enhanced STAR's capabilities in centrality determination for fluctuation measurements, event plane resolution for flow measurements and in triggering overall. Due to its fine radial granularity, it can also be utilized to measure pseudorapidity distributions of the produced charged primary particles, in EPD's pseudorapidity coverage of $2.15<|\eta|<5.09$. As such a measurement cannot be done directly, the response of the detector to the primary particles has to be understood well. The detector response matrix was determined via Monte Carlo simulations and corrected charged particle pseudorapidity distributions were obtained in Au+Au collisions at center of mass collision energies $\sqrt{s_{_{NN}}}$ = 19.6 and 27.0 GeV using an iterative unfolding procedure. Several systematic checks of the method were also done.
PDF: Charged particle pseudorapidity distributions measured with the STAR EPD.pdf
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