Cross Section Measurement of the $^{82}$Kr(p,$\gamma$)$^{83}$Rb Reaction in Inverse Kinematics

A. Tsantiri, A. Palmisano-Kyle, A. Spyrou, P. Mohr, H. C. Berg, P. A. DeYoung, A. C. Dombos, P. Gastis, E. C. Good, C. M. Harris, S. N. Liddick, S. M. Lyons, O. Olivas-Gomez, G. Owens-Fryar, J. Pereira, A. L. Richard, A. Simon, M. K. Smith, R. G. T. Zegers
Nuclear Experiment, Nuclear Experiment (nucl-ex)
Phys. Rev. C 107, 035808 (2023)
2023-05-22 16:00:00
The total cross section of the $^{82}$Kr(p,$\gamma$)$^{83}$Rb reaction was measured for the first time at effective center-of-mass energies between 2.4 and 3.0 MeV, within the relevant Gamow window for the astrophysical $\gamma$ process. The experiment took place at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University using the ReA facility. A $^{82}$Kr beam was directed onto a hydrogen gas cell located at the center of the Summing NaI(Tl) (SuN) detector. The obtained spectra were analyzed using the $\gamma$-summing technique and the extracted cross section was compared to standard statistical model calculations using the \textsc{non-smoker} and \textsc{talys} codes. The comparison indicates that standard statistical model calculations tend to overproduce the cross section of the $^{82}$Kr(p,$\gamma$)$^{83}$Rb reaction relative to the experimentally measured values. Furthermore, the experimental data was used to provide additional constraints on the nuclear level density and $\gamma$-ray strength function used in the statistical model calculations.
PDF: Cross Section Measurement of the $^{82}$Kr(p,$\gamma$)$^{83}$Rb Reaction in Inverse Kinematics.pdf
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