First measurement of kaonic helium-4 M-series transitions

F Sgaramella, D Sirghi, L Abbene, F Artibani, M Bazzi, D Bosnar, M Bragadireanu, A Buttacavoli, M Cargnelli, M Carminati, A Clozza, F Clozza, G Deda, R Del Grande, L De Paolis, K Dulski, L Fabbietti, C Fiorini, I Friscic, C Guaraldo, M Iliescu, M Iwasaki, A Khreptak, S Manti, J Marton, M Miliucci, P Moskal, F Napolitano, S Niedzwiecki, H Ohnishi, K Piscicchia, F Principato, A Scordo, M Silarski, F Sirghi, M Skurzok, A Spallone, K Toho, M Tuchler, O Vazquez Doce, C Yoshida, J Zmeskal, C Curceanu
Nuclear Experiment, Nuclear Experiment (nucl-ex)
2023-10-30 16:00:00
In this paper we present the results of a new kaonic helium-4 measurement with a 1.37 g/l gaseous target by the SIDDHARTA-2 experiment at the DA{\Phi}NE collider. We measured, for the first time, the energies and yields of three transitions belonging to the Mseries. Moreover, we improved by a factor about three, the statistical precision of the 2p level energy shift and width induced by the strong interaction, obtaining the most precise measurement for gaseous kaonic helium, and measured the yield of the L{\alpha} transition at the employed density, providing a new experimental input to investigate the density dependence of kaonic atoms transitions yield.
PDF: First measurement of kaonic helium-4 M-series transitions.pdf
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