Fundamental Neutron Physics: a White Paper on Progress and Prospects in the US

R. Alarcon, A. Aleksandrova, S. Baeßler, D. H. Beck, T. Bhattacharya, M. Blatnik, T. J. Bowles, J. D. Bowman, J. Brewington, L. J. Broussard, A. Bryant, J. F. Burdine, J. Caylor, Y. Chen, J. H. Choi, L. Christie, T. E. Chupp, V. Cianciolo, V. Cirigliano, S. M. Clayton, B. Collett, C. Crawford, W. Dekens, M. Demarteau, D. DeMille, G. Dodson, B. W. Filippone, N. Floyd, N. Fomin, J Fry, K. Fuyuto, S. Gardner, R. Godri, R. Golub, F. Gonzalez, G. L. Greene, V. Gudkov, R. Gupta, J. Hamblen, L. Hayen, J C. Hendrus, K. Hickerson, F. B. Hills, A. T. Holley, S. Hoogerheide, M. Hubert, P. R. Huffman, S. K. Imam, T. M. Ito, L. Jin, G. Jones, A. Komives, E. Korobkina, W. Korsch, K. K. H. Leung, C. -Y. Liu, K. -F. Liu, J. C. Long, D. Mathews, A. Mendelsohn, E. Mereghetti, P. Mohanmurthy, C. L. Morris, P. Mueller, H. P. Mumm, A. Nelsen, A. Nicholson, J. Nico, C. M. O'Shaughnessy, P. A. Palamure, S. Pastore, R. W. Pattie Jr., N. S. Phan, J. A. Pioquinto, B. Plaster, D. Počanić, H. Rahangdale, R. Redwine, A. Reid, D. J. Salvat, A. Saunders, D. Schaper, C. -Y. Seng, M. Singh, A. Shindler, W. M. Snow, Z. Tang, A. Walker-Loud, D. K. -T. Wong, F. Wietfeldt, A. R. Young
Nuclear Experiment, Nuclear Experiment (nucl-ex), High Energy Physics - Experiment (hep-ex)
2023-08-16 16:00:00
Fundamental neutron physics, combining precision measurements and theory, probes particle physics at short range with reach well beyond the highest energies probed by the LHC. Significant US efforts are underway that will probe BSM CP violation with orders of magnitude more sensitivity, provide new data on the Cabibbo anomaly, more precisely measure the neutron lifetime and decay, and explore hadronic parity violation. World-leading results from the US Fundamental Neutron Physics community since the last Long Range Plan, include the world's most precise measurement of the neutron lifetime from UCN$\tau$, the final results on the beta-asymmetry from UCNA and new results on hadronic parity violation from the NPDGamma and n-${^3}$He runs at the FNPB (Fundamental Neutron Physics Beamline), precision measurement of the radiative neutron decay mode and n-${}^4$He at NIST. US leadership and discovery potential are ensured by the development of new high-impact experiments including BL3, Nab, LANL nEDM and nEDM@SNS. On the theory side, the last few years have seen results for the neutron EDM from the QCD $\theta$ term, a factor of two reduction in the uncertainty for inner radiative corrections in beta-decay which impacts CKM unitarity, and progress on {\it ab initio} calculations of nuclear structure for medium-mass and heavy nuclei which can eventually improve the connection between nuclear and nucleon EDMs. In order to maintain this exciting program and capitalize on past investments while also pursuing new ideas and building US leadership in new areas, the Fundamental Neutron Physics community has identified a number of priorities and opportunities for our sub-field covering the time-frame of the last Long Range Plan (LRP) under development. This white paper elaborates on these priorities.
PDF: Fundamental Neutron Physics: a White Paper on Progress and Prospects in the US.pdf
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