Heavy Flavor Physics at the sPHENIX Experiment

Zhaozhong Shi
Nuclear Experiment, Nuclear Experiment (nucl-ex)
2024-01-19 00:00:00
The sPHENIX experiment is a state-of-the-art jet and heavy flavor physics detector which successfully recorded its first Au + Au collision data at 200 GeV at RHIC. sPHENIX will provide heavy flavor physics measurements covering an unexplored kinematic region and unprecedented precision at RHIC to probe the parton energy loss mechanism, parton transport coefficients in quark-gluon plasma, and the hadronization process under various medium conditions. At the center of sPHENIX, the Monolithic-Active-Pixel-Sensor (MAPS) based VerTeX detector (MVTX) is a high-precision silicon pixel detector. The MVTX provides excellent position resolution and the capability of operating in continuous streaming readout mode, allowing precise vertex determination and recording a large data sample, both of which are particularly crucial for heavy flavor physics measurements. In this work, we will show the general performance of heavy-flavor hadron reconstruction. In addition, we will discuss the commissioning experience with sPHENIX. Finally, we will provide the projection of b-hadron and jet observables and discuss the estimated constraints on theoretical models.
PDF: Heavy Flavor Physics at the sPHENIX Experiment.pdf
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