Intruder configurations in $^{29}$Ne at the transition into the island of inversion: Detailed structure study of $^{28}$Ne

H. Wang, M. Yasuda, Y. Kondo, T. Nakamura, J. A. Tostevin, K. Ogata, T. Otsuka, A. Poves, N. Shimizu, K. Yoshida, N. L. Achouri, H. Al Falou, L. Atar, T. Aumann, H. Baba, K. Boretzky, C. Caesar, D. Calvet, H. Chae, N. Chiga, A. Corsi, H. L. Crawford, F. Delaunay, A. Delbart, Q. Deshayes, Zs. Dombrádi, C. Douma, Z. Elekes, P. Fallon, I. Gašparić, J. -M. Gheller, J. Gibelin, A. Gillibert, M. N. Harakeh, A. Hirayama, C. R. Hoffman, M. Holl, A. Horvat, Á. Horváth, J. W. Hwang, T. Isobe, J. Kahlbow, N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki, S. Kawase, S. Kim, K. Kisamori, T. Kobayashi, D. Körper, S. Koyama, I. Kuti, V. Lapoux, S. Lindberg, F. M. Marqués, S. Masuoka, J. Mayer, K. Miki, T. Murakami, M. A. Najafi, K. Nakano, N. Nakatsuka, T. Nilsson, A. Obertelli, F. de Oliveira Santos, N. A. Orr, H. Otsu, T. Ozaki, V. Panin, S. Paschalis, A. Poves, A. Revel, D. Rossi, A. T. Saito, T. Saito, M. Sasano, H. Sato, Y. Satou, H. Scheit, F. Schindler, P. Schrock, M. Shikata, Y. Shimizu, H. Simon, D. Sohler, O. Sorlin, L. Stuhl, S. Takeuchi, M. Tanaka, M. Thoennessen, H. Törnqvist, Y. Togano, T. Tomai, J. Tscheuschner, J. Tsubota, T. Uesaka, Z. Yang, K. Yoneda
Nuclear Experiment, Nuclear Experiment (nucl-ex), Nuclear Theory (nucl-th)
Phys.Lett.B 843 (2023) 138038
2023-06-27 16:00:00
Detailed $\gamma$-ray spectroscopy of the exotic neon isotope $^{28}$Ne has been performed for the first time using the one-neutron removal reaction from $^{29}$Ne on a liquid hydrogen target at 240~MeV/nucleon. Based on an analysis of parallel momentum distributions, a level scheme with spin-parity assignments has been constructed for $^{28}$Ne and the negative-parity states are identified for the first time. The measured partial cross sections and momentum distributions reveal a significant intruder $p$-wave strength providing evidence of the breakdown of the $N=20$ and $N=28$ shell gaps. Only a weak, possible $f$-wave strength was observed to bound final states. Large-scale shell-model calculations with different effective interactions do not reproduce the large $p$-wave and small $f$-wave strength observed experimentally, indicating an ongoing challenge for a complete theoretical description of the transition into the island of inversion along the Ne isotopic chain.
PDF: Intruder configurations in $^{29}$Ne at the transition into the island of inversion: Detailed structure study of $^{28}$Ne.pdf
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