Measurement of Dosimetrical Cross Sections with 14.05 MeV Neutrons From Compact Neutron Generator

Michal Kostal, Tomáš Czakoj, Jan Simon, Marek Zmeskal, Martin Schulc, Alena Krechlerova, Tomáš Peltan, Filip Mravec, Frantisek Cvachovec, Vojtěch Rypar, Radim Uhlar, Petr Alexa, Ondrej Harkut, Zdenek Matej
Nuclear Experiment, Nuclear Experiment (nucl-ex)
2023-06-04 16:00:00
Dosimetry cross sections are fundamental quantities necessary for neutron dosimetry using the neutron activation method. It is worth noting that the uncertainty in cross sections is the major source of uncertainty in calculational predictions using nuclear data in simulations thus, cross section validation is a key issue in any aims for refinement of any predictions. A small compact neutron generator is a promising tool for performing integral experiments and even for differential experiments. This paper deals with the measurement of the differential dosimetry cross sections using a small compact D-T neutron generator with 14.05 MeV neutron emission (10E8 n/s into 4pi). Achieving measurable activation at such a low flux field is allowed by using a larger amount of activation material placed in close measurement geometry during decay gamma measurement. The experimentally determined cross sections are in good agreement with the cross sections in the IRDFF-II dosimetry library. The comparison with other nuclear data libraries was performed as well. Its worth noting, the mean standard deviation in IRDFF-II library is about 4 %, while in case of other data libraries they are from 5.5 % - 7.5 %. This result can be understood as a validation of IRDFF-II using 14.05 MeV neutrons and also a confirmation of the applicability of small compact generators in the measurement of activation cross sections.
PDF: Measurement of Dosimetrical Cross Sections with 14.05 MeV Neutrons From Compact Neutron Generator.pdf
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