Proposal to PAC 51: Color Transparency in Maximal Rescattering Kinematics

Shujie Li, Carlos Yero, Jennifer R. West, Holly Szumila-Vance, Douglas W. Higinbotham
Nuclear Experiment, Nuclear Experiment (nucl-ex)
2023-12-02 00:00:00
With the current highest beam energy at Jefferson Lab and traditional methods, we have exhausted our sensitivity for observing the onset of proton color transparency in a nucleus in A(e,e'p) parallel scattering kinematics for up to $Q^{2}$ = 14 GeV$^{2}$ . One of the disadvantages in A(e,e'p) experiments is that even if a point-like color singlet is produced at such $Q^{2}$, its expansion is unconstrained over the full radius of the nuclei, with the potential to significantly reduce the size of the color transparency effect. Therefore, in order to be sensitive to the effects of color transparency, we enhance the sensitivity of the measurement to the production of a point-like color neutral object prior to the onset of wave-function expansion. In this experiment, we propose a color transparency measurement in maximal rescattering ("dirty") kinematics in deuterium where final-state interactions (FSIs) are known to be huge effects, thereby enhancing our sensitivity to a reduction in FSIs indicative of color transparency. The kinematics in exclusive processes in deuterium can be precisely chosen such that the inter-nucleon distances of the struck and spectator nucleon lead to well-controlled FSIs.
PDF: Proposal to PAC 51: Color Transparency in Maximal Rescattering Kinematics.pdf
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