Reactions induced by 30 MeV 3He beam on 9Be: Cluster transfer reactions

Urazbekov Bakytzhan, Issatayev Talgat, Lukyanov Sergey, Azhibekov Aidos, Denikin Andrey, Mendibayev Kayrat, Janseitov Daniyar, Penionzhkevich Yuri, Kuterbekov Kayrat, Zholdybayev Timur
Nuclear Experiment, Nuclear Experiment (nucl-ex), Nuclear Theory (nucl-th)
2023-10-16 16:00:00
$ $An experiment has been carried out for studying the cluster structure of $^9$Be induced by the $^3$He ions at the energy of 30 MeV. As results of the nuclear reaction $^3$He + $^9$Be the differential cross sections for the exit channels - elastic, inelastic, $\alpha$ + $^8$Be, $^6$He + $^6$Be, $^6$Li + $^6$Li, and $^7$Be + $^5$He - were measured. Elastic and inelastic scattering data are treated within both the optical model and Coupled channels method. A new set of optical potential was taken for the elastic scattering. The deformation parameter $\delta_2$ was established for the transition $3/2\rightarrow5/2$. Cluster transfer reactions are analyzed by means of the coupled reaction channels method. The nuclear reactions with the exit channels $^6$He + $^6$Be, $^6$Li + $^6$Li, and $^7$Be + $^5$He are complemented by two-step transfer mechanisms. The contribution of each reaction mechanisms are shown, and compared with the findings of other authors.
PDF: Reactions induced by 30 MeV 3He beam on 9Be: Cluster transfer reactions.pdf
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