Status of experimental knowledge on the unbound nucleus $^{13}$Be

K. L. Jones, J. Kovoor, R. Kanungo
Nuclear Experiment, Nuclear Experiment (nucl-ex), Nuclear Theory (nucl-th)
Front. Phys. 11:1242668 (2023)
2023-09-17 16:00:00
The structure of the unbound nucleus $^{13}$Be is important to understanding the Borromean, two-neutron halo nucleus $^{14}$Be. The experimental studies conducted over the last four decades are reviewed in the context of the beryllium chain of isotopes and some significant theoretical studies. One focus of this paper is the comparison of new data from a $^{12}$Be(d,p) reaction in inverse kinematics, which was analyzed using GEANT4 simulations and a Bayesian fitting procedure, with previous measurements. Two possible scenarios to explain the strength below 1~MeV above the neutron separation energy were proposed in that study: a single $p$-wave resonance, or a mixture of an $s$-wave virtual state with a weaker either $p$-wave or $d$-wave resonance. Comparisons of recent invariant mass and the (d,p) experiments show good agreement between the transfer measurement and the two most recent high-energy nucleon removal measurements.
PDF: Status of experimental knowledge on the unbound nucleus $^{13}$Be.pdf
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