Studies of nuclear equation of state with the HIRFL-CSR external-target experiment

Dong Guo, Xionghong He, Pengcheng Li, Zhi Qin, Chenlu Hu, Botan Wang, Yingjie Zhou, Kun Zheng, Yapeng Zhang, Xianglun Wei, Herun Yang, Dongdong Hu, Ming Shao, Limin Duan, Yuhong Yu, Zhiyu Sun, Yongjia Wang, Qingfeng Li, Zhigang Xiao
Nuclear Experiment, Nuclear Experiment (nucl-ex)
2023-07-14 16:00:00
The HIRFL-CSR external-target experiment (CEE) under construction is expected to provide novel opportunities to the studies of the thermodynamic properties, namely the equation of state of nuclear matter (nEOS) with heavy ion collisions at a few hundreds MeV/u beam energies. Based on Geant 4 packages, the fast simulations of the detector responses to the collision events generated using transport model are conducted. The overall performance of CEE, including spatial resolution of hits, momentum resolution of tracks and particle identification ability has been investigated. Various observables proposed to probe the nEOS, such as the production of light clusters, $\rm t/^3He$ yield ratio, the radial flow, $\pi^{-}/\pi^{+}$ yield ratio and the neutral kaon yields, have been reconstructed. The feasibility of studying nEOS beyond the saturation density via the aforementioned observables to be measured with CEE has been demonstrated.
PDF: Studies of nuclear equation of state with the HIRFL-CSR external-target experiment.pdf
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